March 2016 Glossybox Review And Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you the March 2016 Glossybox!  So excited!  This is a great month to be a subscriber!  If you do not know about Glossybox, then please read my main page here on it!  So I was amazed when I received this one in the mail, and to my surprise the contents totaled to well over $100!  Not bad for only spending around $20 for the box!  They gave a nice variety of products, and as usual, I am not disappointed in the least!  Keep in mind that when you subscribe, you select your preferences and they send you products based on your selections.  So everyone may get some items that are the same, and others will be different based on your beauty profile.  So here is what was in mine…

  • Too Faced – Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick – Full Size $21/.40fl. oz.

  • Eyeko – Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner – Full Size $20/.07fl. oz.

  • Vine Vera – 2x Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream – Full Size $146/1.83fl. oz.

  • Luxie Beauty – Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504 – Full Size $16/1 piece

  • I Love… Cosmetics – Super Soft Hand Lotion – Full Size $6/2.5fl. oz.

So it is pretty obvious that you need to order one!  Head over to their website now and get glossy!  Or enter the giveaway through the link below to have a chance to win a box for free!  Thanks for reading, and for your support!       

As of 4/27/2016 you can use promo code: EYESHIMMER  to receive a free Julep Gel Eyeliner ($16 value!) with any purchase made through the links in this post!  I will try to update promo codes as they come in by putting them in the “Hot Deals” tab!

Click Here To Enter The Giveaway!

Glossybox did not pay me, provide samples, or offer me a discount to write this post. This is how I really feel about it!  However if you sign up through the referral links in this blog, it helps you and I both out with credit!

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