Belkin Universal Fast Charging Set Review And Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you a couple great new products with you that I just got in from Belkin. They are the new universal home and car chargers. These are made to charge faster than normal chargers, and to last longer. Today I am going to tell you a little bit about Belkin, my experience with their products, and give you a chance to win these ones for free! So let’s get started!

Now for those of you that don’t know, Belkin is a premium tech company that has a nice range of devices, including computer and smart phone accessories. If you really need something to last a long time, consider paying a little more for the premium product from Belkin. For example, phone chargers! I can’t tell you how many phone chargers I have went through in the last few years! Most only last a couple months, and then wear and tear happens! I had been reluctant to spend more than $7 for a charger, but I am so glad I did! My Belkin charger has lasted longer than any other brand I have used so far, and I really use it a lot!


These universal home and car chargers, are a matching set that come in the silver finish. They are rated at 12 Watts/2.4 Amps. They both have a built-in smart chip that allows you to safely charge your device 40% faster! Now this statistic comes from comparing them to an iPad 4th Generation, being charged from 0% on stock charger. So depending on your device’s stock charger power, your results will vary. But I can safely say that I think you will notice a slight increase in charging speed!

Another great thing about Belkin charging products is that they guarantee your device will be safe while using their products! For example, they will repair or replace electronic devices damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to their chargers, up to $2500! So in the case of electronics that you use daily, and depend on heavily, spending a little more really pays off! Thank you so much for reading, and if you would like a chance to win these chargers for free, enter the giveaway through the link below! Good luck!

Enter The Giveaway Here!

21 thoughts on “Belkin Universal Fast Charging Set Review And Giveaway!

    • I think this company is great. Everyone has an opinoin…i have to say Belkin is in every store in most electronic sections. I have used many of their products and many people are quick to buy belkin brand accesories for their devices because of the good quality. Thank you again for your feedback and participation.. šŸ™‚


    • Yes of course! We are really excited to give these things away, and unlike some others, we will email winners, post on site, post on social media, post in newsletter, etc! Thanks for the good question! Best of luck to you in the giveaways!


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