Introducing… Rosko The Parrot! For The Kids!

Hi everyone! Today I am focused on the kids, and I am so excited to introduce… Rosko The Parrot! He may be small, but he has a big heart, and occasionally a big attitude! Currently he is about 10 months old, and gaining quite the personality! He enjoys music, fruit, seed, millet, cuddling, and just being a curious bird! He is a monk parakeet, or also known as the quaker parrot. They originate from South American areas, that are somewhat tropical. And they sometimes live in the wild in North America and Europe. They are smart birds, and can learn to talk! To learn more about these kinds of birds visit this Wikipedia page.

I think these parrots are great for kids, because they are low-maintenance, inexpensive, don’t eat much, interactive, and cute! Rosko gives me fond memories of my Grandmother, who could “talk” to birds by calling them, and they would always come right to her! Birds are beautiful creatures, and they have such wonderful freedom to fly around the skies above!

We will be adding more pictures of Rosko here on the website, under the “Rosko The Parrot” tab in the menu. And we will be adding videos of him on our YouTube channel, so check back often to see him! Thank you so much for reading!

Go To Rosko The Parrot’s Page Here And See Him!

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