Hailing All Uber, Lyft, And Taxi Drivers! Free High Speed USB Charger!

Hi everyone!  Today I want to share some great news with you. Orico and Qicent are giving away a FREE High Speed USB Charger To Uber, Lyft, & Taxi Drivers!  This is just as incredible as the other deals they have had, and is definitely worth checking out!  Yes that is right! Any Uber, Lyft, or Taxi Driver that would like one, can get one for FREE!  Never run out of charging power again, with a high efficiency charger!  And as a bonus, they will give the driver a bunch of scratch off tickets to pass out to their passengers which will guarantee them hefty discounts on Orico and Qicent products!  It is very simple, super fast, and totally free!

Check out the official details here…

ORICO    http://bit.ly/1qYHolO

QICENT  http://bit.ly/1SsFJhi


Any driver understands that it is extremely important to have your devices charged while at work.  Your life revolves around your communication with others. And the unfortunate breakdown, accident, or emergency can occur at any time.  Secure your vehicle today, and ensure that you or your passengers never run out of battery power again by choosing Orico and Qicent for your charging needs!  If you know someone who is a driver, please direct them to this information!  They will appreciate the free charger, and you can feel good knowing that you helped them out!

Orico and Qicent are both great companies that have quickly become major players in the tech industry.  They are known for having innovative products that are well made, performance driven, and competitively priced to top it off.  They continue to shock the world with amazing campaigns, huge discounts, unique opportunities, valuable giveaways, and exciting events!  Following a tech company has never been so much fun until now!  Orico and Qicent rock!


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