Julep Nail Polish 12 Piece Set Review!

Hi everyone!  So I had decided that I wanted to try a Julep subscription recently, mostly because they had an amazing promo code to receive a free set of 12 nail polishes with a monthly subscription!  Today I am going to share with you my experiences with the company and their products so far.  This is a short post so let’s get started!

I did receive the 12 nail polishes as a free gift, and I absolutely love every color!  These vegan-friendly beauty polishes will go with any look, all year round!  I am still waiting to receive my actual monthly box, so I will update you later on those products, but this alone was well worth the price of the box!


The way the subscription works is a bit confusing, and it requires you to log in each month to manually select which products you would like.  The box arrives during the last week of the month typically.  I do love the products, but I do not care for the way that the business is structured, and it seems like a hassle to log in each month.  I must not be the only one that feels this way, because there are others with similar feedback.


Glossybox is much easier and I love being surprised monthly!  So I will probably discontinue my subscription, but I may give them another month to impress me.  Thank you so much for reading!

6 thoughts on “Julep Nail Polish 12 Piece Set Review!

  1. It’s nice that it came with the nail polishes! Theyre super pretty colours, and I like the packaging at well. Also a plus that they’re vegan free! But unfortunate it’s such a hassle. Did the next month impress you, or did you discontinue?

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    • I discontinued my subscription but i still love to go to their website and pick up some super amazing beauty products! I love that they are vegan friendly and free of animal cruelty and testing! 💕🐈🐕


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