June Glossybox Review And Giveaway! International!

Hi everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you the June 2016 Glossybox, and start a new giveaway so that you have a chance to win one for free!  If you do not already know about Glossybox, then please read my main page HERE on it!  As always, I was excited when I received the June box in the mail because the contents were worth several times the price that I paid for the box!  Keep in mind that when you subscribe, you select your preferences and they send you products based on your selections.  So everyone may get some items that are the same, and others will be different based on your beauty profile.  So here is what was in mine this month…

First off, I want to say that I love it when it is a special box like this one!  The boxes themselves are such great quality, and you can re-use them over and over again!  This one is a TONY awards styled box and it is so cute!


Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara-  This Italian made product works great when you need a waterproof mascara!  Do not let those waves at the beach or your family day at the pool wash away your charm!  This is a full sized product valued at $19, so that pretty much pays for the whole Glossybox right there!

Lue By Jean Seo Clear-  This powerful spot control liquid fights off the worst of acne blemishes, before they even break the surface of the skin!  I like the fact that it contains 12 natural herbs in the ingredients.  The smell is kind of minty and strong, but it works really well!  This is the full sized product valued at $15.

La Splash Lip Lacquer High Pigment Collection-  This highly pigmented lacquer gives your lips a splash of high-gloss color!  It is thick and sticky, which makes it last a long time.  This is the full sized product valued at $18.

Tantowel Half Body Classic-  These tan towels work wonders, but it is always a good idea to exfoliate before using them.  You can use this on your body and face!  Make sure to wash your hands afterwards!  Color will start to appear 2-4 hours after your application and can last up to 7 days.  There were 2 tan towels in the box, and a full sized product has 10 for $27.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce-  This finishing spray is for ultra-firm hold!  For those days when you are on the go, I find this to work much better than my normal hair spray.  I was hoping the smell would be sweeter, but it smells like normal hair spray.  This came with a sample of their dark oil, and when you combine the 2 products, you can let it sit as a hair mask for 10 minutes.  These are both sample sizes.

Caolion Pore Blackhead O2 Sparkling Soap-  This is a wonderful soap when you want to remove your makeup quickly.  It will remove build up oil and impurities with active ingredients of charcoal and cocoa.  This will clean and exfoliate, and it is perfect for when you are on the go!  The scent is very pleasant, and the product is colorful!  This is a sample size.

So it is pretty obvious that you need to order one!  Normally Glossyboxes come with 5 products, but this one comes with 7!  And use one of the promo codes below to make the deal even sweeter!  Head over to their website now and get glossy!  You can also enter the giveaway through the link below to have a chance to win a box for free!  Thank you so much for reading, and for all of your support!

3 Days Only!  Get 3 Glossyboxes For The Price Of 1! Buy 1 Get 2 Free! Use this link and enter promo code: SUMMERFUN

I will try to update promo codes as they come in by putting them in the “Hot Deals” tab as well!

Enter The Giveaway Here!

Glossybox did not pay me, provide samples, or offer me a discount to write this post.  This is how I really feel about it!  However if you sign up through the referral links in this blog, it helps you and I both out with credit!

8 thoughts on “June Glossybox Review And Giveaway! International!

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  2. I’m subbed to ipsy,boxycharm and Birchbox but have been unable due to personal issues to get my subscription for 6 months now! Seriously it’s just depressing anymore!! Anywaysss, whenever I get back on track, I definitely want to give glossybox a try…

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