Julep Subscription Beauty Box Review!

Hi everyone!  This was a long wait, but I finally have my update for the Julep Subscription Box!  To do a quick recap, I purchased the subscription with a promo code to receive a free 12pc. nail polish set with the purchase.  I got the nail polish set in May (HERE is that review), then I received my actual subscription box in June, and now I am finally writing about it in July!  I did cancel my subscription, but I still love their full sized products!  So let’s get started!

The box costs around $25, and the value of this one was around $85!  The process after ordering, is to login to your account on or after the 24th of each month and “pick” your box samples.  I honestly did not care for that process too much.  The products that I picked are amazing, and you do not need a monthly subscription to buy them, so that is definitely a plus!  Customer service was nice as well, and they added an extra full sized blush stick to my box for the wait!

So here were my picks…

  • Skip The Brush Blush Cream To Powder Blush Stick In Sheer Glow– The regular price on this item is $24.  I love the stick, but instead of a blush, it works wonderfully as a highlighter with the next item!

  • Nail Polish In Rayma With A Classic Twist– This is a pretty purple color, and the regular price on this item is $11.20.  This applies evenly and dries quickly, but needs a top coat to protect it from chipping.

  • Plie Wand Set– This was a great deal!  The regular price on this item is $35, and you can use this to make any nail art perfect!  Wow!

  • Lip Gloss In Charming– This item regularly costs $16, and it is a pretty color.  It has some shimmer, an is not to sticky!

I hope this review helped you to decide that this is the right product for you!  The products are valuable and worth the trouble, but I prefer my subscription on time, and I like my products to be a surprise as well!  Thank you so much for reading, and make sure to enter our amazing giveaways that are going on right now HERE!

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