Orico Aluminum USB3.0 10-Port Hub Review!

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share with you another great product that I just got in from Orico.  It is the Aluminum 10-Port Super Speed USB3.0 Hub!  This thing has 7 USB3.0 Ports and 3 Charging Ports!  It is very durable, will charge and connect everything you have, and great for travel!  This can be purchased from Newegg or Amazon for around $40.  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about this product and my experience using it!  So let’s get started!

Now I really enjoy this device because everything connects via USB these days!  Even the keyboard and mouse usually use this connection now.  This is about the same size as a 16 ounce bottle of water in height and width, and is about and inch and a half deep at it’s biggest part.  The slim depth really helps it to stay out of the way, and it can fit in many places because of this!  It does not scratch easily because it has a rugged aluminum body.  There is no wiggle to the USB ports when I plug a device in.

I use this at my computer center!  It quickly replaced my other USB hub that I was using because it only had 4 ports.  This one is perfect for me because my mouse, keyboard, hard drive dock, and phone all connect to the hub!  Plus, it can charge the devices that I usually charge at my computer area which are my power bank, bluetooth headphones, and tablet!  And I still have a couple left over after all that, wow!  Surely I will fill them up soon!  This fits between my monitor and hard drive perfectly, and is easy to take with me in my laptop carrying bag.

I hope that this review helped you to decide that this is the right product for you!  I think that you will find all that you could possibly need in this hub, because I really do not know how they could have made it any better!  It is built to last and will give you all the functionality you would want from a USB hub, and more!  Thank you so much for reading and following!

I received this product from Orico in exchange for my honest review.  This is how I really feel about it!

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