About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Krystine, and I am the proud owner of The Best Review Blog. I created this website to share my experiences with other families that are like mine, so that they can support the same great products and companies in confidence. I live in a very busy household and we are always on the go, so every purchase that we make is important to research. I aim to review products and services that are positive and appropriate for men, women, and children of all ages and cultures. Things that I am excited to focus on are beauty, health, tech, and children’s products.

I am a devoted wife, dedicated blogger, and blessed mother of 4 wonderful children and a parrot! I like to buy a lot of products that make life more fun and efficient! My children are aged 14(boy), 10(girl), 7(boy), and 3(boy). My husband went to college for computer programming, and is now involved in development for Android phones. He enjoys weightlifting, sports, cars, and anything to do with electronics!

In college, I earned my degree in the medical field and made quite a successful living. When my youngest child was diagnosed with special needs, it was important for me to find a better way to balance my work and family life. I started getting involved in marketing and networking, which allowed me to work shorter hours and work around my children’s schedules. I am a very positive person who enjoys playing games and sports with my kids, exercising, eating healthy, learning new things, and visiting family. So now that you know all about me, please check out my reviews and giveaways! Please consider taking a few seconds to subscribe to my newsletter, and thank you so much for reading!