Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals Product Reviews And Holiday Anti-Aging Kit Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  I am excited to share with you a great new skin care company that I recently found out about, and the company I am talking about is Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals!  Their skin care products are natural, cruelty-free, Doctor endorsed, scientifically proven to give amazing results inside and out, and so much more!  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about the company, review 5 of their products, and give you a chance to win an Anti-Aging Essentials 5-Piece Holiday Gift Kit normally valued at $85 for free!  It even comes with cute decals for your mirror to boost your inner beauty!  So let’s get started!

The founder of Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals is Kathleen Eickholt, and she established her skin care line in 2006 with inspiration to bring ground-breaking and all-natural products to the market that deliver results without being harmful to consumers or our planet!  The products are free of parabens, artificial fragrances and colorants, phthalates, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives!  They never test their products on animals either.  I love that a major focus of hers is to maintain beauty both internally and externally!  What an important concept this is, and it is usually overlooked by other companies!  These are just some of the amazing things about this innovative company!  To learn even more, click here!

So here are my reviews of the 5 products that I have tried from them…


  1. Total Balance Cleanser – This is a very effective cleanser that helps calm and purify your skin.  The active ingredients are geranium and tea tree.  The cleanser is natural, and has a fresh scent.  It makes my skin tingle a little, and really makes my face feel so fresh and clean! The consistency of it is like a gel and I only use about a nickle-sized amount, rubbing evenly over my face in circular-motions and rinsing with warm water.

  2. Micro Encapsulated Moisture Serum – I love this product!  It is versatile and can be used on your skin and hair.  This moisturizer really works wonders on my hair and my dead-ends.  When using on the skin be sure to cleanse or exfoliate first, and then apply this serum after for the best results.  The consistency is thin, and it has a natural and earthy scent.

  3. Firm Control Serum – I must say that this liquid serum is very effective!  I have used this for about a week and I have noticed that my wrinkles have faded dramatically from around my eyes!  This serum tightens and tones with the effective ingredient DMAE Amine.  I really think this worked amazing, and highly recommend it!

  4. Time Rewind Anti-Wrinkle Serum – This serum works wonders!  It visibly reduces facial expression lines, and in only a few uses I really noticed the difference!  The effectiveness of the serum is really increased with the relaxing peptides in the formula, including Argireline which is a safe and non-toxic alternative to Botox.  The formula is thin and watery, so when you apply it to facial skin you spread it around evenly.  Prior to application, I recommend cleansing and exfoliating for best results.

  5. Time Reversal Eye Cream – This cream produces almost instant results, leaving skin looking youthful and reducing deep wrinkles! Especially “crows-feet” on the edge of the eyes.  The formula is made of vegetable-based ingredients, as well as and ingredient called Matrixyl 3000 which is a blend of anti-aging peptides.  It is clinically proven to stimulate collagen, speeds up the skin’s natural ability to repair damage, and visibly reduces deep wrinkles.  The cream is the consistency of lotion, and the scent is very subtle.

I hope that this review helped you to decide that these are the right products for you!  Overall this is one of the top skin care companies that I have had the pleasure of testing, and very competitively priced compared to other natural skin care products that I have seen.  And most importantly, they have so many benefits and natural processes that make every formula effective and safe to use!  If you would like a chance to win the Anti-Aging Essentials 5-Piece Holiday Gift Kit for free, then enter the giveaway through the link that I provided below!  I highly recommend picking one up before the Holidays though, since it is on sale for only $30 for a limited time!  It would make a great gift for a loved one, but also maybe a well-deserved treat for yourself haha!  Thank you so much for reading and following my blog, and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas with your families!


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I received these products from Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals in exchange for my honest review.  This is how I really feel about it!

Adore Organic Innovation. A Premium Cosmetics Company With A Knack For Customer Service!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you some great new products that I just got in from Adore Cosmetics!  This is an outstanding company that sells premium and breakthrough anti-aging skin care products!  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about Adore Organic Innovation, my experience with their company, and share with you a few of their products along with some special deals!  So let’s get started!

So everything began over some missing items from a subscription box.  One of the items was an Adore creme, so I reached out to the company and asked if they could help.  I submitted my proof, and explained that I would still love the opportunity to try the products.  The customer service representative was absolutely amazing, and sent me some samples very quickly!  I received some lotion samples, a detoxifying cream cleanser, nail file, cuticle trimmer tool, and cuticle oil for after manicures!  The value of the cleanser alone was $100, wow!  I quickly sent a message thanking them for everything!


The manicure tools are great, and I have already used them!  The cuticle oil smells nice and gives your skin the moisture it needs for soft and beautiful fingertips!  The cream cleanser is so refreshing, and it makes my skin feel so clean after each use!  After using this cleanser for only a few weeks I have noticed that my complexion is looking better, my color is more even, and I have very few blemishes occurring!  Adore is a premium brand so you can expect to pay for that quality, and after using the cleanser I am a true believer!  I would love to try some more of their products!


I will give you some insight as to why their products are so effective.  They conducted voluntary clinical trials and used their products with the active ingredients of plant-based stem cells.  The results were stunning!  After 4 weeks of the trial, wrinkle depth was proven to be reduced by 15%!  Stem cell plant based research showed that it is helpful to human skin, and also slows the damage of UV light.  This protects and neutralizes the harmful environmental effects, while also increasing cellular growth rate which keeps your skin feeling young and fresh!


I hope that this review helped you to decide to give Adore a try!  I know that you will be impressed with the quality of their products and their customer service.  Customer service is something that is suffering right now in the world of cosmetics, so it was very refreshing to have had contact with them!  If you are interested in learning more, then you should visit their website and check out some of their organic breakthrough products!  Here are some special offers that they have going on right now!  Thank you everyone so much for reading, following, and sharing!

Lightshare LED Lighted Tree Reviews, Mega Giveaway, And Exclusive Sale!

Hi everyone!  I am excited to share with you some new products that I just got in from a wonderful home decor company called Lightshare!  They have the most amazing decorative trees, and they work beautifully with any indoor or outdoor theme!  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about the company, review 5 of their awesome LED Lighted Trees, and give you a chance to win them for free!  It does not get much better than this folks!  Wait… yes it does!  They are also offering our followers an exclusive sale of 20% off of everything they have for sale on Amazon!  Just use the promo code 3DX3HK8J and these are guaranteed to be the lowest prices on the web!  So let’s get started!


Lightshare is a fast growing brand that is headquartered in California, and is dedicated to home decoration.  Most of their decorations are handmade and LED lighted.  They offer a wide range of sizes, colors, and Christmas decorations as well.  Their focus is on creating artistic pieces that will bring brightness and happiness into your life!  Warm and cozy meets elegance!  How fun!  And I must say, it has been a pleasure communicating with the company as well.  They are very polite!  Their products compliment any home, party, garage, office, dorm, patio, yard, garden, or anywhere else that you can think of!  The branches can also be shaped to your liking.  Now let’s get to reviewing!

First up is the Palm Tree, my absolute favorite!  This comes in a 5ft or 7ft option.  I am reviewing the 5ft version which has 56 LED lights in the top, and more for the trunk!  It has a sturdy base with 4 stakes to secure it in the ground if used outside.  Assembly is super easy, and it is designed for energy saving!  A 7ft cord with power adapter is included.  This tree looks pretty realistic when the LED lights are off, and looks really cool when the LED lights are on!  The lights boast a 30,000+ hour lifespan, as well as all the other trees I will review today!  I absolutely love this tree!  The Palm Tree is a fun addition to any area, and can be used to create a tropical backyard escape or an indoor book-nook for kids!  With this Palm Tree, a few jungle decals, stuffed animals, and a bean-bag chair, your child can have an amazing reading spot and let their imagination run wild!

Next up is the Mini Palm Tree/Bonsai, which is my 4 year old son’s favorite!  There is a single trunk and double trunk option.  The single trunk is what I have, and it is extremely durable!  This is 1.5ft tall, decorated with 21 LED lights, and is powered by adapter or batteries!  This tree has a wonderful option of setting the switch to the timer position, which will then start a continuous cycle of 6 hours on and then 18 hours off!  This is perfect if you want it to be on at the same time each day or night, and it saves energy!  My 4 year old took this from me immediately, and would not let it go!  He ran all over the house with it for a few days, and even slept with it nearby!  Bottom line, it still survived!  The Mini Bonsai is perfect for your work desk, nightstand, end-table, study desk, or hotel stay!  When combined with the 5ft and/or 7ft Palm Tree, you have a beautiful tropical style environment wherever you choose!

My next favorite is the Blossom Tree!  This tree has 3 different color options which are green, rose, and white.  The 6.5ft warm white version is what I am reviewing, and it is so calming!  This beautiful Blossom Tree features a total of 208 LED lights, and it has a warm brightness to it!  A 16ft cord with power adapter is included for energy saving.  The first thing that I noticed when unboxing it, was that the flowers are bendable.  They looked like glass or plastic, but you can adjust them slightly and they will not break!  This collection also includes a pack of 20 LED Christmas Lights with each tree!  This tree would be adorable on an indoor front porch, patio, garden, or anywhere you could think of!  I am thinking of getting a rose colored one next, because I think it would be sleep-inducing!

The next Lightshare Tree Edition that I am reviewing is the Birch Tree!  This tree is a beauty, and it reminds me of a glistening, snowy, winter night!  This has a nice look to it that can be appreciated all year round.  This amazing Birch Tree comes in an 8ft, 6ft, and 4ft version.  I am reviewing the 6ft edition and it is decorated in 72 white LED lights, wow!  This tree would go well with any decor, whether it is indoor or outdoor, but especially in brighter settings.  This is a nice piece to have on the patio for a cookout in the evening to add that calming and relaxing feel!

The last item that I am going to share with you is the Natural Twig in brown!  This is a 3ft tall natural twig lighted decoration with 16 LED lights!  It should be set in a vase or something similar so that about 2ft are protruding from the vessel, because that is where the lights start.  It is battery powered.  I love the look of the real twigs, and it seems like they are going to hold up for a long time!  These are great for dining tables, end tables, offices, or nightstands!  Also appropriate for restaurants, and romantic settings!  These are very affordable as well, and I will definitely want more for Christmas!

I hope that these reviews helped you to decide that these are the right products for you!  In my experience, I have found that every room looks better with some kind of plant or tree!  They just bring it to life, trust me!  Don’t forget to take advantage of the exclusive 20% off deal that they are giving only to us by going HERE and using promo code 3DX3HK8J !  And if you would like a chance to win 1 of these 5 trees for free, please enter the giveaway through the link below!  Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to tell us which one you would like to win in a comment below!  Good luck in the giveaway!

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I received these products from Lightshare in exchange for my honest review.  This is how I really feel about them!

Neem Queen’s Travel Kit Review!

Hello everyone!  Today I want to tell you about the Neem Queen’s Travel Kit that I just got in from All About Neem.  Special thanks to @QueenofNeem on Twitter for providing me with this amazing kit!  It is valued at $59.95, and can be purchased on or Amazon.  You get everything you need and more, so I think it is well worth the price!  So let’s get started!

Neem is the primary natural ingredient that is used in this kit.  It is a very versatile ingredient that is known to have many positive uses and applications including health supplements, beauty products, and much more!  When using Neem properly, others have reported it to protect against sickness, cancer, indigestion, skin afflictions, parasites, liver problems, gum disease, diabetes, bed bugs, lice, etc!  Extensive research has been done that supports these claims.  If you would like to learn more about Neem and the many uses it has, please visit!

The first thing I noticed is that it comes in a cute drawstring bag that would be great for any purpose!  Another thing I noticed immediately is that everything is airline compliant, yay!  There are quite a few products in this kit, and the booklets that are included tell you all about the story behind Neem and the health benefits that it has to offer.  This is a great deal for a few reasons.  First off, it saves you the time of shopping for all these things!  Second, it saves you from forgetting something!  And third, it is natural and much healthier for your body than those awful hotel products!  Here is a look at what came in the kit…


  • Neem bark shampoo

  • Neem bark conditioner

  • Neem bark fresh mint toothpaste powder

  • Body guard cleansing bar

  • White linen cleansing bar

  • Neem leaf extract

  • Fungus fighter skin cream

  • Sun screen skin cream

  • Face cream

  • Cuticle cream

  • Cream deodorant

  • Skin rash cream

  • Washcloth

  • Toothbrush

  • Gum picks

  • Shower cap

  • Insect/mosquito repellant

  • Hand and surface sanitizer

  • Hair scrunchie


So I hope that this review helped you to determine that this is the right travel kit for you!  This product could make a difference in your life or someone else you know.  To see other products made by All About Neem, please check out their website HERE!  Thank you to everyone for reading my reviews, and I hope that you have a happy and healthy day!

Happy Earth Day And Miracle-Gro Gro-Ables Review!

Hi everyone, and Happy Earth Day! Today I wanted to share with you a new product that I just got in from Miracle-Gro. It’s their Gro-ables! These are fun little seed pods that literally anyone can grow. I had fun teaching the kids about growing plants and vegetables with these, and they really enjoyed them too! They were easy to grow, mess-free, came in several varieties, and cost very little. So let’s get started!

Miracle-Gro has been around for almost 150 years, so you have probably heard of them before and they have always had good products since I can remember. These are no exception! These little grow pods have everything you need to grow seeds successfully even if you lack a green thumb! There is mulch, seed, and fertilizer inside so that all you need to add is water to it after planting. The seed pod itself is 94% biodegradable, and guaranteed to grow or you get your money back!

Another nice thing about these is that each little pod package has a lot of information. It tells you the fertilizer analysis, what size the plant will grow to, directions for indoors or outdoors planting, tips and information, days until germination and harvest, and more! These are cute, inexpensive, educational products that are a great way to get the family outside of the house and doing something positive on Earth Day or anyday. I hope that this review helped you to determine that this is the right product for you! I purchased mine from Amazon for about $1.50 each. Thank you so much for reading!

Kid’s Grow N’ Glow Terrarium Review!

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a great product I just got in from Creativity For Kids! It’s the Grow N’ Glow Terrarium. Creativity For Kids is a line owned by Faber-Castell that focuses on arts and crafts. They have some really neat products on their website, and their prices are very reasonable, so make sure to head over there and see what they have to offer! I am going to tell you a little bit about the company, and my experience with their product.

So let’s get started! Faber-Castell is one of the largest and oldest office/art supply manufacturing companies. They have been around for over 250 years, and they do business in more than 100 different countries! The Creativity For Kids line of products are fun for children and adults, and educational as well!

First off, I liked the packaging because it made it look like a lot of fun! I also liked the fact that it included everything that was needed except water. Putting everything together only took about 5 minutes, and the seeds started to sprout on day 3! The picture attached of the sprouts is at day 5, but we only used a few seeds! There were extra seeds in case of accidents, or future growing projects. I really liked this little project, and decorating with the glow in the dark stickers made it cool for boys and girls.

This is a perfect project for helping your child to learn more about how plants grow, and how to care for them. It is great for a rainy day, and your child will feel accomplished when they see that they can grow plants all by themselves so easily! I hope this review helped you to determine that this is the right product for you! If not, I am sure you can find something on their website that interests you! Thanks for reading!