Qicent USB Car Charger With Cigar Lighter Review And Giveaway!

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share with you another great product that I just got in from Qicent.  It is the CP-2U3C USB Car Charger With Cigar Lighter!  This can be purchased from Newegg or Amazon for less than $20 and is great for any vehicle, but especially helpful when taking road trips!  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about this product, my experience using it, and give you a chance to win one for free!  So let’s get started!

This a 3 port car charger that plugs in to your car lighter.  It also has 2 more cigar lighters that can be used for any other purpose.  There is a nice rubber-like coating around the device which gives it a premium feel and protects it.  This thing is solid as a rock, and can withstand being thrown around the car by the kids or being stepped on!  I had no issues with overheating either.  The bottom of the unit is about the same size as the bottom of a soda can, and it is a little bigger around at the top.  It is slightly shorter than a can of soda as well, so it is the perfect size for any drink holder.

I really like the fact that the cord unplugs from the main device, because for me this is a travel unit.  It can charge all my devices, power an AC/DC converter, and power a compact air compressor if I get a low tire!  When I am not making long trips I prefer to use a smaller 4-port charger that they make instead.  I hope that this review helped you to decide that this is the right product for you!  If you would like a chance to win one for free, please enter the giveaway through the link below!  Thank you for reading and good luck!

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I received this product from Qicent in exchange for my honest review.  This is how I really feel about it!