Black Friday! Orico’s Hard Drive Mania Giveaway! 2 Winners, 2 Prizes!

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a good Thanksgiving yesterday!  I wanted to share with you 3 new products that I just got in from Orico.  They all have to do with hard drives, so that is why I am calling this Hard Drive Mania!  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about these products, my experience using them, and give you a chance to win 2 of them for free!  So let’s get started!

 First up is the 2.5″/3.5″ USB3.0 SATA HDD/SDD Adapter Kit!  The latest model can be purchased from Amazon for around $10.  This is perfect for connecting a 2.5″ hard drive (usually from a laptop), or 3.5″ (usually from a desktop) to any computer to either extract files, or to use as backup storage!  It is a very simple device to use,very inexpensive, and transfers data super fast with the USB3.0 capability.  Great for getting those priceless pictures or videos from a crashed computer as well!  My old laptop is broken, so this still lets me use the hard drive from it which is nice!  If I had any important files on it, then I would have been able to save them with this device.  Win one in the giveaway!

Next up is the USB3.0 3.5″ SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure!  This can be purchased from Amazon for around $25 (limited time!), or Newegg for around $35.  This is great for protecting your 3.5″ hard drive (usually from a desktop), and also makes it easier to travel with!  Hard drives are very easily damaged without an enclosure like this, so it is a good idea to mount the drive in this way.  The aluminum casing slides open so that you can dock your hard drive within it, and comes with screws and a screwdriver to lock it into place.  All the cords are included, and this really looks sleek in my opinion!  There are vents to let the drive breath, an LED light when powered on, and the 5Gbps supers-peed transfer rate.  You will appreciate the high speed when copying a lot of data!  Win one in the giveaway!


And last but not least, the Anti-Static Hard Drive Protector Case!  Unfortunately this is out of stock at the moment so we are not giving one away, but they do have a similar product here on Amazon for about $25.  This is made for 3.5″ hard drives, but could be used for 2.5″ as well if you are careful.  It will fit 5 hard drives inside, and it is completely anti-static which is so nice!  Hard drives and other computer parts tend to be very vulnerable to static shock and this can ruin them without you even seeing, hearing, or smelling anything unusual.  This product is great for people that repair computers, or work with multiple drives for a living.  The case is very durable on the outside, and the inside.  The 3.5″ drives fit very nicely inside, but are not so snug that it is difficult to remove them.  Anyone in the computer business should definitely have one!  It is like a toolbox for them!

I hope that this review helped you to decide that at least one of these are right for you!  I have tested many products from Orico, and I really like their prices, durability, and customer service.  If you would like a chance to win one of the first 2 that I shared with you for free, then please enter the giveaway through the link below!  Have a safe shopping day out there today!  Thank you so much for reading and good luck!

Enter The Giveaway Here!

I received this product from Orico in exchange for my honest review.  This is how I really feel about it!